Tims blog

Hi i am Tim

I love communication, business, science, and sports.

I was born in 1994, grew up in Gelsenkirchen and Herten-Westerhlt and currently live in the cosmopolitan city of Herten-Westerholt. How am I otherwise? Well, I really do a lot of stuff! I have a no longer produced podcast, which I played very irregularly with my best buddy Dominik. I also do a lot of sports, like riding a bike (road bike or MTB is fine with me) and weight training. Otherwise I am active in the Partei der Humanisten. Professionally, I am employed in my father’s company and I hope to take over the business one day.

I am a humanist. I am kinda liberal-left. As a supporting member of the Giordano Bruno Stiftung as well as a member of the Düsseldorf Aufklärungsdienst e. V., I am actively committed to the secularization and enlightenment of people.

Since 2022, I have been donating 3 % of my annual net income to the most effective organizations worldwide under the 3 % Pledge at Giving What We Can. My plan is to do this under the 10 % rule starting in 2024. Giving what we can is based on the principles of effective altruism. I will publish a post on my blog with details on that soon.

What else do I do? Well, apparently I like to deal with technology and the internet, after all, this is not one of the zero-eight-fifteen websites you usually see.

I am kinda a straight-edge person, which means no drugs, no psychodelics, no alcohol (which is part of the other two categories, if you deny it, you should overthink your relationship with that stuff), only sugar and coffee, and both in only small amounts.