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[en] Looking Back May 2023

May was awesome but sneezy

I had a good time in may 2023. To give more background information: we bought a garden in April! So we spend a lot of time in the garden, gardening, building (a tomato house and stuff), planning and caring plants etc.

We also went to Osterspai in Rheinland-Pfalz visiting long time friends of my wife. We also spend the days walking a bit and discovering Koblenz, which is a terrible city, especially for EVs.

After that we went to Eisenach in Thüringen for a hiking weekend with my family and visited the great “Baumkronenpfad”. That was really nice! You would be at the level of the “Baumkrone” walking through a forest. We also went to famous ravine hiking.

Healthwise i had a pretty hard time with my allergy to pollen. My eyes are itching while im writing this as if it someone would have put barbwire in them.

Following up a few fotos.

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