Tims blog

How was this site made?

last updated 29th of june 2023

Pretty simple, with my own hands. There is no CMS, Databases, etc. just simple HTML, Markdown and Magic thanks to Hugo.

There is a website obesity crisis. Bloated websites full of scripts, ads, and trackers are slowing your readers down every time they try to read your well-crafted content.

Most People out there seem to have forgotten, what a site should be! Let me describe the perfect-ass website:

Also, just refering here to Motherfucking best Website.

I don’t want all of this tracking. All this bloating. I just want to serve you, what i can offer.

I do not collect any data whatsover. There are some basic logs for the webserver, which are anonymized and deleted every 7 days. No one except me would be able to view these logs. These logs will contain only the first 3 digits of your IP, for potential geoblocking which i don’t use.