Tims blog


Last Updated 19th of January 2023

inspired by other people doing this and from uses this - i like to read about what tools other people use to go through their day. So here i will list what tools and technologies i use (hardware & software & services).


my daily work is done on a 2020 mac book pro 13 inch with 1.4 ghz quad core intel and 8 gb ram. it was the low range model back then but it works fine for me. i also use a windows workstation at work for some documentation and a big fat gaming machine at home. my daily driver in a pocket is my iphone 13 mini with 128 gb. i love the formfactor and i hate the fact that apple probably will not continue the mini version. from time to time i like to sketch or write some notes down - for that i have the ipad mini from 2022. i love this thing. everything is getting bigger and bigger. i like the small things 😁 Eventhough that thing lays more and more home and in daily life i use a reusable notebook from rocketbook (the mini).


i use a lot of apps for many things. but my work is done in plancraft, sublime text, git, and some other stuff. i don not use any social media anymore, eventhough my profiles are still there.