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[en] IKEA Tradfri Switch in HomeAssistant

2022-11-28 How to control Hue Lights using the dimmer Switch IKEA Tradfri in HomeAssistant

After a very long time i bought it again: the Ikea Tradfri dimmer switch. It simply IS the most beautiful Switch out there in my mind. Also it just utilizes the Zi...

By Tim Büning

Published on November 28, 2022, 1:00 am

twork for communication, which makes it so interesting from a smart-home tinker side. I last bought it in 2018, back then you simply couldn’t do much with it, due to some firmware-problems which IKEA solved quite some time ago.

Now i bought a pack of them in sale, like really enough of them. I wanted my Wife to be able to better control some lights, because the App and talking to some Voice Assistant is just not her flavour of doing things.

Sadly, all of this doesn’t work out of of the box. So i also ordered the ConBee II USB ZigBee Adapter for my Raspberry Pi. With the ConBee II and the SmartAssistand Integration “ZHA” (Zha stands for Zigbee Home Automation) it will work like a charm. I will you keep you updated, when everything arrived and runs.

Last Update on 2022 Nov 28 So follow me on my journey ;)

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