looking back june 23

By Tim Büning

Published on July 2, 2023, 12:17 pm

2023-06-29 June was amazing!

In the beginning of June we were spending much time in the garden, doing gardening stuff. Then we went to Madeira, the most beautiful place on earth! We spent some vacation time there and were travelling funchal and south coast. Some hikes, some chill outs at the pool, some exploring the city funchal. I love this place. In fact so much, we want to go there again as soon as we can. I will add some pictures to the post about our travel. After that we were in our garden again :D So much to do. But the berries are are so delicious! And the greens start to become really big. Amazing!!!! All in all pretty good june, even though i felt a little bit melancholic in the end. Looking forward to July and another trip to madeira, hopefully pretty soon :D