why i change my laptop

By Tim Büning

Published on June 25, 2024, 8:03 am

so, over the last years i quite made a journey in hardware and software. one year ago, i installed "by accident" windows 11 on my gaming machine. which was one of the most terrible things i have done in the past 10 years. i do not understand, how anybody would use that shit. windows was so great.

i remember it being XP, and 10, which were decent good operating systems. but 11? it is horrible. it is full of fucking bloatware, like tiktok, clipchamp (some stupid video editing tool) and many more. and the best part? when you uninstall all their shit, they load it back up with the next update. thanks microsoft. also, why does the default app for pdf change back to microsoft edge after an update? so one month ago i made a change and installed my favorite linux operating system linux mint on my gaming machine. thanks to proton and steams decision on using linux for their handheld steam deck, i can nearly play all my games on linux without a hassle. i would even argue, if you want a simple hands on, non tinkering setup where everything runs out of the box, like windows xp did, go with linux mint. it is easier than windows 11. i always had an old laptop laying around with it installed. i love how everything is just HOW YOU WANT IT. usable! and the system DOES NOT CHANGE your software or ui etc. without you WANTING IT.

workwise we had a thinkpad. which was good. but for me too big. 15 inch is too big and also too heavy. so i got my self a surface pro 9 half a year ago. which i now also regret. it does the fucking same thing with installing you shit you do not need. so i now sell all of that and bought myself one thing, i always had an eye on: a work.flow laptop. i chose the best speced 13 inch model. i will install linux on it and fuck you all, big tech. i am out. i love the fruits of capitalism, but this is pure enshittification. they put so much shit into their software. thanks god we work completely cloudbased. so everything i need to do will run in a firefox browser. the only one you should be using.