Tims blog


This i my now page. If you have a personal website, you should have one as well. Find out why

What i am currently doing:

Weather is nice, although too hot maybe sometimes. I am now wearing sandals. Big confusion about sandals in germany. As so often the society has strange oppinions about stuff, but i don’t care anymore what others think. I have clean feet! And they are so healthy as never before. I am researching a lot about gardening stuff and how to build stuff, with wood! Cycling comes a little too less nowadays, with so much to do in the garden. But i try to get at least 2 cycling sessions a week. Which i failed the last weeks completely. I ditched the whole tracking stuff - no more wearable for now on my wrist. I dont care about how many steps i make. Or how many hours i stand up. I think stuff like this will harm peoples psych over time.

What i am learning

Still doing some stuff on Salesforce. Also getting to make music on a computer. I do play some instruments and have a generally good understanding of music - lets find out if you hear something from me in the future made on a computer :D